BUSYWISY™ kids Step Stool

For those special kitchen moments with your kids.

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  • Adjustable Platform

    Our kids step stool features two wide steps to make it easier for children to climb up and an adjustable shelf that better supports young toddlers at different heights for longer-lasting daily use.

  • Educational Child Standing Tower

    Our kids step stool for toddlers gives kids the chance to be partners with mom and dad with cooking in the kitchen, reach tall countertops, and spend more quality family time together.

  • Create Strong Parental Bonds

    Preparing food and cooking alongside your children play positive roles in creating meaningful relationships, especially when they can do things on their own and be part of the entire experience while looking you in the eye.

  • Well-Balanced Wooden Frame

    Made with high-quality, heavy-duty wood with waterproof legs to ensure safe, stable support when kids are standing on top. It’s light enough you can easily move around your entire home.