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Have you ever heard of parents that don’t expect their kids to cooperate?

I haven’t.

This story can be the story of any parent. Like any parent, I wanted the relationship in our family to be a good one, that our 3.5-year-old Danny would be happy, and cooperate with what we believed was best.

In reality, children have their own demands. We want them to do what we believe they should... Dress up, bathe, pick up and clean after themselves, sit like adults at the dining table, and more.

These demands sometimes don’t always go with their happiness and Danny didn’t always cooperate,

I was frustrated many times.

So what do I do? I went to a specialist on children’s behavior.

And she asked me, what does your child cooperate with? I thought, and thought, yes, there is a time when he cooperates, when I play with him.

And she added, maybe you should invite him to "play your games" too - what are my games? I did not understand.

I’ll give you an example: - What do you do in the kitchen? I cook, bake, wash dishes. So…  these are your "games". Invite him to be a part of your activity.

I decided to try her idea.

I invited Danny to prepare dinner with me.

 He was very happy and got on a chair. It was too high, and I was anxious that he might not notice and fall.

I was looking for a solution and I discovered the kids step stool.

Dad and Danny put together the kids step stool. Danny was so proud.

Danny loved the tower. He went up and down dozens of times, with a bunch of laughter and joy.

That evening, we prepared dinner together. And that week we had many beautiful moments on the kids step stool. 

Since then I noticed that Danny is happier, more relaxed, and is proud of what we do together.

Now it’s even easier for him to complete tasks he had a hard time with before.

BusyWisy wish every parent a happy cooperative experience with their child.