What is the quality of the wood and are all parts of the tower made of the same wood?

All parts of the tower are made of extremely dense and strong pine wood. Made of strong pine wood, grown especially for the furniture industry,


What is the quality of the finish of the tower?

The tower is made with a high level of finish, very smooth and pleasant to the touch, especially for young children


What is the max weight capacity?

220.5 pounds.


What is the weight of the tower, and is it easy to move it from place to place?

11,025 pounds . We especially chose a tree that would be light and strong, that would be easy to move from place to place. 


Would a 5 or 6 year old child be too tall to use this?

You can put the platform on the lowest height' for 5 year old would still enjoy using the tower.


Will these scratch floor if you drag to sink?

Answer: It doesn’t scratch floor. It does have anti slip tabs that help from slipping off and from scratching, 



What are the dimensions of the platform the child stands on?

The platform is 12 inches x 15.5 inches.


Is it complicated to assemble the tower?

The tower is easy to assemble. Attached to the tower are detailed assembly instructions.


How do you cover the exposed ends of Ply pine wood?

The tower comes with anti-slip pads for gluing for the bottom of the tower. protect from moisture and prevent scratches.


Does that handle lock into place? It looks like it lifts right out along the groove?

There are screws to lock it in or removable if needed.


Can you list the measurement of all three heights of the platform from the ground? Thanks!

Of course! The levels are as follows, measured from the ground: 13", 17" and 21". Please let us know if you have any additional questions.


Is the removable safety rod easy to remove that a toddler could remove it? Or does it require some more effort?

No! We put screws in it to keep from removing it. The child  can still climb up onto the stool unassisted by ducking under the bar.


Up to what age is the tower suitable for?

We recommend the tower for ages 1-6 years old. But it depends on the height of the child.


Is there anything that keeps the platform from sliding out when the toddler is standing on it?

Yes, the platform goes into a groove in the wood and is fastened with screws.

Although each part of the tower goes into the groove, for safety, we recommend tightening each part with screws according to the assembly instructions.


Is the stool has undergone any safety testing?

 For sure.

The product is inspected by an expert inspector. For all functions: - The strength of the wood, the quality of the finish that will be smooth for the child's touch, the strength of the tower and the safety of use for the child, the weight of the ability to withstand it.