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Adjustable Montessori Step Stool For Toddlers and Kids

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💡 Educational Standing Tower – This Montessori learning step stool tower for toddlers gives kids the chance to be partners with mom and dad by cooking in the kitchen, reaching tall countertops, and spending more quality family time together.

🎛️ Adjustable Platform – Our child's wooden step stool features two wide steps to make climbing up easier and an adjustable shelf that better supports young toddlers at different heights for longer-lasting daily use. Made from 3 layers of bamboo wood for extra strength and durability.

montessori step stool

👌 Inspire Responsibility and Self-Confidence – Letting children climb up next to you and be more hands-on is a great way to help them find confidence in themselves and take a more active and cautious approach to learn; just like grownups.

👪 Create Strong Parental Bonds – Preparing food and cooking alongside your children play positive roles in creating meaningful relationships, especially when they can do things on their own and be part of the entire experience while looking you in the eye.

📐 Well-Balanced Wooden Frame – The BusyWisy kid’s Montessori step stool is made with high-quality, heavy-duty wood with waterproof legs to ensure safe, stable support when kids stand on top. It’s light enough you can easily move around your entire home.

Customer Reviews

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Moran Rian

Update: Loved this so much that I purchased a 2nd one for my 2.5-year-old since my 4-year-old needed it lowered too much. The first step stool is still in great condition. The newest one arrived a bit different than the first. The new one came with padding for under the feet and anti-slip tape for the steps. The finish is different as well. Construction of bolts seems better also.

Goran Demal
Love hearing my kid laughing

I love this so much. I wish I had gotten it sooner. I can keep baby girl involved and entertained without having to hold her the entire time while I’m in the kitchen. I know I will use this for the next few years at least. I did have to close off the climbing part because she doesn’t understand she can easily slip out and fall as she tends to bend down while in the stand. Other then the fact I wish there was more reinforcement in that area, I love this tower.

Lena Irokuvsky
Safety and security

We bought this for our 16 month old daughter and it has been such a fantastic tool. We use it in the kitchen, bathroom, and hallways to encourage her involvement and independence in daily tasks. She is able to climb in and out of it without any concerns! She now will move it to the light switches to turn on and off the lights. I love knowing how secure she is and having her help me side by side!

Tera Bey
Must have

Easy to put together and I like knowing my toddler is safe! She can climb up and down easy and we can easily move it around the kitchen to be by us. Buy it!

Fay S
Terrific product!

I researched many different cooking area helpers and this was the clear winner. It came virtually entirely constructed and also prepared to utilize within a couple of minutes. It is strong and steady, the latching back maintains my little from losing her equilibrium and also befalling the back. It cleans right up when she splashes on it while "helping". The folding facet actually minimizes its impact in our smaller-sized kitchen area. The shade is gorgeous and also no problems with the paint that have been discussed, so they must have fixed that problem. We haven't made use of the white or black boards yet, so their usefulness is TBD. Terrific product! * knives in the picture were moved prior to use *.